Thursday, March 8, 2012

Workout Review: Ballet Body by Jazzercise

For Christmas, one of my gifts to the boy was going to be memberships to our neighborhood rec center for the two of us.  How fun to have someone to work out with, right?  Unfortunately, because of a minor physical limitation, he decided it wouldn't be worth the fee for him to join.

Here's something you need to know about me:  I ain't going to the gym alone.

Since I won't be hitting the gym anytime soon, I have started to amass quite the collection of workout videos.  I have a few yoga one, some dance ones, some super-quick targeted ones..... but no matter how many I buy, I always gravitate toward Jazzercise.  I attended a Jazzercise class for about 3 years with a friend (it's that "won't go alone" thing) when I lived in Cincinnati, and I loved it.

Jazzercise recently released three new DVDs,  one of which is Ballet Body.  As a past-life dancer, I figured this would be right up my ally.  And it is.  It also kicks my ass.

What I love about this DVD (and most Jazzercise DVDs), is that you have the option to pick your workout.  There is a 20 minute accelerated workout, 10 minute legs & arms workout and a full 40 minute workout.  My first time through, I picked the 20 minute workout and thought I was going to die.  Seriously.  My thighs burned, my arms and shoulders were singing!  Okay, they were screaming, but whatever.  While there is no true cardio going on, the ballet moves will challenge muscles you didn't know you had.  Within the first five minutes of plies and port de bras, I was sweating up a storm.

My only beef with this particular workout is the ab section.  Maybe it's working on the sly, but I just don't feel like I'm getting a whole lot out of it.  I don't sweat that too much though, my abs get plenty of working out with the other stuff I do during the course of the week.

Overall, I really dig this workout.  I try to do the full workout once a week, and I can already tell a difference in my strength, balance and posture - not to mention my "I WILL finish this" attitude!


Jessica Lemmon said...

I can haz ballet body? 0.o Frankly, I need to do *something* -- my Zumba DVD was fun...the one time I did it. I'm getting closer to putting it in again. I can feel it! Keep talking, every time I read about you sweating the good fight, I feel motivated to get off my arse!

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