Thursday, February 7, 2013

just some stuff

I've been able to get out running a few times now.  Everyone's favorite question - how was it?  My favorite response  - I didn't die!  I can't lie, it's been tough getting started, mostly because of our crappy Ohio winter.  My lungs just can't hang with the cold air, but any time it's above 35, I'm out there!  I'm hoping that the bitter cold spells are over for the season, and I can start getting some consistency going.  I even got out tonight with this bronchial infection that has me barking like a seal.  (Yes, mom, I took it easy.)

I've decided that the BEST part of running is that the sleeves on running shirts have thumb holes!  I looooove thumb holes!  I want all of my shirts to have them!

Oh, and the shoes.  I could never have imagined that I could run without my feet screaming in agony.  I actually look forward to putting these suckers on.  They may not be terribly pretty, but they are oh-so-dreamy on my tootsies.  Saucony Triumph 10.

Yep.  They're orange.  And tacky.  And I *heart* them.


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