Monday, March 26, 2012


.... is something I am not.  The older I get, the more I wish I would have spent my younger years moisturizing, wearing sunscreen, flossing, eating healthier, watching my weight.  What is it they say about hindsight?  Over the last several years, I've noticed my body isn't as happy as it used to be.   It is showing the stresses I've put on it over the years..... crow's feet, weight gain, random aches and pains, new freckles (finding a new spot always freaks me out), gray hair (SHHHHH!!!  As far as the world knows, yes - this IS my natural color).

One of my favorite poems, Youth and Art by Robert Browning has such a profound closing verse.
"This could but have happened once,
and we missed it, lost it forever."

Sorry, Mr. Browning.  I'm calling bullshit.

I haven't missed it.  I haven't lost it forever.  Over the last year, I've gotten pretty serious about taking care of myself.  This "exercise kick" I've been on for the past 4 months started simply as a weight loss tool.  It has become so much more than that, though.  It energizes me.  It's part of my daily routine.  It helps get the kinks out of my back after a tough day at work.  My knees don't hurt anymore.  I'm gaining strength.  My jeans fit better.  I miss the workouts if I have to go more than a day or two without one.  Bottom line - I feel good!

Credit is due to Shape Magazine for the stats here, but did you know exercising:

  • 90 minutes  a week can increase your lifespan by three years
  • 150 minutes a week can drop a woman's risk of heart disease by 14 percent
  • 275 minutes a week can help you lose 10% of your body weight (and keep it off!)
  • 135 minutes a week boosts your energy and reduces stress (A Duke University study found that 45 minutes of cardio three days a week can be as effective as a prescription drug for treating depression)
  • 210 minutes a week improves blood sugar.  Type 2 diabetes?  NO THANK YOU.
Told y'all..... I just feel good.



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