Monday, September 9, 2013

This happened. This REALLY happened.

Scene: Bath and Body Works, one poor young girl working the store alone on a Sunday afternoon.

Clerk: I'm so sorry for your wait, thanks for being patient.  I'll be right with you all.

Me, the next person in line: No worries, you look a little swamped.

Broad perusing the table next to the register to her daughter: Maggie, come on.  We're next.

Me: Looks behind me to see if I'm the only person to notice this bitch cutting the line.  Excuse me, I've been here for a few minutes.  There's a line.

Broad: I was actually in line, just looking at this table.

Guy behind me:  Well, then you were not in line.  That is called "still shopping."

Broad:  I have to get my daughter to a birthday party.  Sits stuff down on counter right smack in front of me.

Guy behind me:  Great lesson for your daughter on respecting others.

Broad: Ignores guy.  We're on our way to a birthday party.  It said no gifts, but I think this would be nice for my daughter to give her, don't you?  Do you have any ribbons we could tie on these?  Maggie, these are 5 for $10.  Can you go pick two more?

Me:  You're kidding, right?  You are what's wrong with humanity.

Why, WHY didn't I channel my inner Rube?  Had I not been so shocked by her rude behavior (really, what is this, the middle school lunch line?), I would have Rubed her in a heartbeat.


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