Friday, March 29, 2013

Up and R-U-N-N-O-F-T

(Editors note:  DANG, I love that movie!)

I've been feeling pretty sassy about my running self.  Up until this week, that is.

I had one really kick ass day.  Like hard core kick ass. More kick ass than all my previous kick ass days.  I was on FIYAH (so were my legs, but that's beside the point). Then, as quickly as it came, it was gone.  So I had a conversation with 2 fellow runners from work.

Me:  So. When does it stop sucking?
Runner 1:  Race day.
Runner 2:  Yep.  Race day.
Me:  Let me rephrase, when do I stop sucking?

I explained the really rad days, followed by the days when I want to die a minute or so in.  Their response?  IT'S NORMAL.

Seriously?  It's normal? Somebody couldn't have let me in on that little nugget of knowledge before I had myself feeling like a schmuck who will never finish 13.1 miles?  But that's alright.  Now I know I'm not alone in the bad days, I will take them as they come, and I'll do my best.  And I'll try to do better on my next run.


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