Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Advent, Days 6 & 7

November 6:  I'm thankful for my job.

Yes, folks - you heard that right.  I am THANKFUL for my job.  For the most part, I can be left to my own devices.  I have a fantastic team to work with.  I have job security.  When I leave the office at 5:00, work doesn't follow me home.  I have a steady paycheck and make seriously good money.  And there is no flair required. :)

November 7:  I'm thankful for Coke Zero.

Shut up.  I AM!  Diet Coke suuuuucks.  I'm also thankful for Sprite Zero.  And for Cherry Coke Zero.  And Vanilla Coke Zero.  Oh, also for being able to mix Vanilla and Cherry together.


MusicMan220 said...

Of course there is no flair officially required, but look at at Bill over there in Claims. He has 15 pieces of flair. You don't want us to think that you only care about doing the minimum required, do you? Hmmmmmm?

Niki Hughes said...

Gary, I can't think of the whole "flair" thing without wanting to give someone the finger. One of the best scenes in the movie!

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