Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome to Skillzville! Population - well, we'll see.

So, here's the thing.  I have wanted to keep a blog for quite some time, but I could never quite narrow down what I wanted my blog to be about.  Weight loss?  Motivation? Recipes? (Food Vs. Face has that covered pretty well, but I *am* biased.)  All those topics seem so narrow.

Then I thought - why not all of it?   I want to keep track of my journey to just feel better.  Maybe I'll have a metric pantload of readers (wouldn't that be fun?).  Maybe I'll have a small following of friends and family and maybe a few strangers on the same journey (it's all good!).  Maybe this will be my place to celebrate successes and dish about epic fails.  Mostly, I want this to motivate me to stay on track to get the spring back in my step.

Welcome to Skillzville.  I hope you enjoy your stay.


Jessica Lemmon said...

Hi! *waves* ...from your first member. And btw, "metric pantload" is my new fave phrase.

skillz said...

Oh, w00t! I have a follower! Now.... to actually write in this thing.

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